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                  Welcome to GuangYuan · GuangZhiYuan Technology! Contact number: 0769-22780950
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                  APPLICATION INDUSTRY

                  SCOPE OF APPLICATION

                  The hardness of the metal is changed after treatment such as workpiece heating.
                  By high temperature of the metal, the metal is liquefied into a liquid, suitable for iron, steel, copper, etc., and the melting of gold and silver.
                  The solder is melted by heating a certain temperature, thereby connecting two kinds of materials or different materials.
                  Hot Forging
                  After the workpiece is heated, the workpiece is forged into other shapes through a vehicle punch, a forging bed or other form.
                  COMPANY PROFILE
                  GuangYuan · GuangZhiYuan Technology

                         Dongguan GuangZhiYuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Wanjiang GuangYuan Frequency Frequency Electronic Equipment Factory as the same subject company, founded in 1996, is a senior technology company integrating R & D, production and sales. The address is located in Wanjiang District, Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to the 107 National Road and Guangzhou Expressway, and the traffic is extremely convenient.
                         Enterprises are engaged in various types of intermediate frequency, high frequency, super audio, ultra-high frequency sensing heating equipment and supporting automation equipment, one-stop for many users solved all kinds of problems encountered on induction heating problems; The launch of the DSP + FPGA full digital control system products provide more professional, more precise solutions and personalized quality products for many users in innovation, change and transition.

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                  OUR ADVANTAGE

                  25 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Technical good professionalism

                  Powerful production and development system, special hunt senior engineers and professionals, specializing in research and design of high-frequency induction heating equipment.

                  Ensure equipment maintenance, each project carries the latter technical maintenance.

                  865 SPOT STOCKSDelivery fast delivery timely

                  4 basic funds, 8 major expansion series, 8 auxiliary series, there is always one to meet process needs.

                  With all import components, reduce equipment failure rate is 20% higher than that of similar products, allowing production costs to reach 20% -40%, enhance production efficiency, and deliver fast.

                  VHigh standard clean production Quality and safety

                  With a clean production workshop, it will reduce the source of processing pollution through ISO9001 quality management certification.

                  Process management is strict, from assembly, commissioning, packaging, etc., strictly implement the operating standards, strict control of quality.

                  NATIONAL AFTER-SALES SERVICEService cooperation

                  Free proof is available free of charge. 

                  Pre-sales: process assessment, product selection, project investigation
                  Sales: equipment installation, process debugging, process acceptance
                  After-sales: 1h Quick Response, 24h Site Solution



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